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Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans give local communities the power to shape development in their area. Once ‘made’ (adopted) they become part of the development plan for the National Park and the policies and proposals contained within them are used in the determination of planning applications, including appeals.

The first step is for a ‘qualifying body’ (normally the Town or Parish Council) to submit the area they wish to plan for to the local planning authority (the South Downs National Park Authority and any other relevant local planning authority if the area is partly outside the National Park).

Approximately one quarter of parishes in the National Park have made Neighbourhood Plans and others are in the process of developing or reviewing them.

Qualifying bodies are advised not to start new plans or reviews of their Neighbourhood Plans until the Local Plan Review has passed its examination stage and the development strategy and strategic policies have been tested by the Planning Inspectorate.

This is particularly important if it is intended to allocate sites to avoid duplication with the Local Plan Review.