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CIL and S106 Rates

CIL and S106 Rates

CIL Rates

The South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) has set out its levy rates in the SDNPA CIL Charging Schedule (as per the Adoption Notice).  Levy rates are expressed as £ per square metre.

Within the South Down National Park residential developments (which includes extensions, annexes and holiday lets) are charged £150 – £200 per square metre and large format retail developments are charged £120 per square metre. The charging rate for all other types of development is set at £0 (zero) per square metre.

For residential developments there are different charges for two geographical zones, Zone 1 (£150 per m²) covers Liss, Petersfield, Midhurst, Petworth and Lewes, and Zone 2 (£200 per m²) covers all other areas.  To check which residential charging zone your development falls within please use the map below.

CIL Liability is calculated on a per metre squared basis, using Gross Internal Area (GIA) which is defined as the area of a building measured to the internal face of the perimeter walls at each floor level.  All GIA measurements are calculated using the RICS 6th Edition Code of Measuring Practice core definition of Gross Internal Area and excludes any specialist definitions.

There may be circumstances where the SDNPA and the person liable for the levy will wish land and/or infrastructure to be provided, instead of money, to satisfy a charge arising from the levy.  The CIL Infrastructure in Kind Policy sets out how this is calculated and operates.


The charging rates set out in the charging schedule are subject to annual indexation. Please see below for a summary of the charging schedule rates.

*all rates are rounded to the nearest penny

Date planning permission is granted

Indexation Figures used (Calendar year in which charging schedule took effect / Relevant Index Figure)

Residential Zone 2 Charging rate with indexation*

Residential Zone 1 Charging rate with indexation*

Large Format Retail Charging rate with indexation*

1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018

287 / 287


£150.00 m²


1st April 2018 – 31st March 2019

287 / 302



£126.28 m²

1st April 2019 – 31st December 2019

287 / 315




1st January 2020 – 31st December 2020

287 / 334




 1st January 2021 – 31st December 2021

 287 / 333




 1st January 2022 – 31st December 2022

 287 / 332




 1st January 2023 – 31st December 2023

 287 / 355




 1st January 2024 – 31st December 2024

 287 / 381




CIL Residential Charging Zones

Section 106 Rates

For all monitoring information regarding rates for S106, please see Solent Mitigation.

For any further queries relating to the CIL and Section 106, please contact us at cil@southdowns.gov.uk or 01730 814810


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