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Planning Case Studies

Planning Case Studies

One of the roles undertaken by our planning projects team is the delivery of projects that have been funded and secured through developer contributions. Working in liaison with other corporate teams and wider community groups we fund and deliver infrastructure projects across the whole of the National Park.   The  projects detailed show the diversity of work that the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) planning team has been involved with. 

CIL Funded Projects

Since being introduced in April 2017, Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) contributions have been used to fund infrastructure projects across the National Park.  To find out more, visit our CIL Case Studies page.

S106 Funded Projects

Developer contributions are often secured through S106 Agreements.  As well as securing funds for projects, the Agreements also secure delivery of infrastructure.  Details of some of the delivered projects are on our S106 Case Studies page .

Other Planning Projects

As well as funding and delivering projects secured through developer contributions  our planning team are involved with many projects across the SDNPA.  These projects include:

The projects listed represent a small proportion of the projects delivered. If you would like any further information on any of the projects our planning team have been involved with please email cil@southdowns.gov.uk


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