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Find and comment on an application

Find and comment on an application

Information about specific planning applications can be viewed, in real time, on our statutory register of planning applications, published via our Public Access pages.

You can search for an application either by:

  1. Entering the planning application reference into the search box
  2. Using the map function tab to zoom in and view planning applications in a particular area. 

Before you can comment on a particular application, you will need to register on the Planning Access system. 

For instructions on registering and submitting a comment read our Public Access Guide.

Important Information Related to the Submission of Representations

Planning legislation requires that all representations, no matter how they are submitted or whether they include the names and addresses of interested parties, must be taken into consideration where the communication raises valid material planning concerns.

There is some benefit to including your name and address, such as the ability for us to communicate to you further regarding amendments to the case and offer the right to make further comments, or to advise you of committee scheduling should it be referred to planning committee. In particular, where a representation comments on the impact of a development on the property of the person making the representation it is important to know the address in question to be able to properly assess that impact.

Individuals may however feel that their personal safety may be compromised by the publication of names and addresses on the statutory public register of planning applications and, as an Authority, we must facilitate measures to enable interested parties to make comment without fear of retribution.

If you would prefer that your name and address are not published, please send your comments either in writing by post or by email directly to the local team handling the application on behalf of the National Park. Please exclude any information that you would not want to be published and is not necessary for your representation and, where you need to include information that you would like us to withhold, please clearly state that you would like it to be withheld and identify it. If you are requesting anonymity, or for your details to be withheld, we would encourage you to avoid using emotive language with which you might inadvertently link yourself or lead others to make assumptions on the source of the communication, such as:

  • proximity to the site
  • how long you have lived in the vicinity
  • any potential link or relationship with the applicant
  • life events

Where we consider that your comments may lead others to identify you, we may redact some of your communication or contact you directly with our concerns and ask you to revisit your comments.

Confidential or Anonymous Representations

Whilst as an Authority we are happy to accept representations anonymously, or redact additional personal details such as names and addresses, we have to advise that this policy would not extend to the practices observed by any Government appointed Planning Inspector if an application were to be the subject of a planning appeal.

Their published guidance on the handling of third party correspondence advises that anonymous representations will not be accepted, and where the names and addresses are requested to be withheld, the inspector may give them less weight in consideration.

The Planning Inspectorate guidance goes on to further advise that where comments are specifically requested not to be passed to the appellant (redacted or otherwise), they will not be considered at all, even if they were originally considered by the LPA, on the basis of views of persons ‘unknown’.

To assist, our general standing advice for those persons who have concerns but wish their comments to be considered throughout the life of a planning application is to ask one of the following to make representations on their behalf:

  • Their local Parish Council;
  • Their local elected member (Councillor) or MP;
  • Or a lawyer or planning consultant (these may charge a fee),

all of which are quite common and perfectly acceptable as an alternative means of securing your identity while retaining the ability to comment on the case. They may wish to do this collectively with others, or individually.

Redaction Policy

SDNPA Redaction Policy Feb 2024


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