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Find and comment on an application

Find and comment on an application

Information about specific planning applications can be viewed, in real time, on our statutory register of planning applications, published via our Public Access pages.

You can search for an application either by:

  1. Entering the planning application reference into the search box
  2. Using the map function tab to zoom in and view planning applications in a particular area. 

Before you can comment on a particular application, you will need to register on the Planning Access system. 

For instructions on registering and submitting a comment read our Public Access Guide.

27 May 2021:

We are aware of intermittent instability issues with Public Access, on which we publish our statutory register or planning applications. Our Planning Technical Support Team have been working the developers of the public access interface to establish the cause, as it presents a reputational risk to the authority.

The issue is arising because more and more organisations are enlisting the services of web designers who are ‘scraping data’ from the public access website in order to publish live application data on third party websites, and also for the purpose of using planning data for land and property based information sales and marketing (e.g. land charges searches).

The South Downs National Park is not unique in experiencing such issues; this causes significant pressure on local authority web sites across the UK, and as the practice is not illegal, at this time there are limitations to how the practice can be controlled or prohibited, but we do work hard to minimise disruption as soon as we are aware that a problem exists.

If you are experiencing problems accessing application data, please try again in a short while, and if you are trying to view applications out of hours and the problem is persistent, we would respectfully request that you try again post 9am the following working day.


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