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Do I live in the National Park?

Do I live in the National Park?

You can use our interactive map to work out if you live in the South Downs National Park, you can enter the name of the place you are searching for, or you may use a postcode.

If the location you have searched for is within the park, it will show an information bubble with ‘South Downs National Park’ underneath your search term. If the location is outside the National Park an information bubble stating ‘Outside Area’ will display.

Please ensure that you read the advisory notes below as the boundary line on this map is not wholly accurate at larger scales and for certain properties for logistical reasons.

If the map doesn’t appear immediately, please refresh your page. 

  • Advisory Notes

    This service is accurate in almost all cases, although the following two disclaimers must be accepted:

    1. The National Park boundary line on the map is only an approximation of the National Park boundary. This is because a highly accurate boundary line is a very large file and not all web browsers and devices can handle this accuracy. In particular Internet Explorer version 8 and older, and mobile devices cannot handle the boundary line with thousands of points. As such the boundary is only an approximation to highlight the area of the national park.
      If you are still not sure after this, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.
    2. All readings are taken from the position of the red marker on the map. If after searching the marker appears to be away from your village/town, please try your postcode.

    Please also note:

    • Postcodes are in most cases not unique to your property so after searching. You may find the marker is not exactly on on your property, but the central point of that postcode’s area. As some streets are on the boundary of the National Park and some properties within the same postcode are inside and some are outside, it may be best to contact us to check whether you are within the boundary.


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