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Spending CIL

Spending CIL

The CIL collected by the SDNPA can be used to fund a wide range of infrastructure, including transport, flood defences, schools, play areas, parks, cultural and sports facilities.

When spending CIL, it is the intention of Government that we focus on the provision of new infrastructure.

CIL will help to bridge the funding gap in delivering infrastructure but it will never resolve it. Therefore there is a need to prioritise the infrastructure projects put forward to us for consideration. 

Please refer to the Infrastructure Business Plan (IBP) (which encompasses the Infrastructure Funding Statement) for details on the prioritisation process of infrastructure projects and an overview of projects which have secured CIL funding.

In areas where development has taken place, Parish / Town Councils will also receive direct CIL payment known as the ‘Neighbourhood Portion’ and have the ability to use this money on projects that are a priority for them.  

The Regulations allow them to spend the money on a wider range of projects than the National Park Authority can.

For further information regarding the ‘Neighbourhood Portion’ please see our CIL Parish Guide.

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