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Section 106 Funded Projects

Section 106 Funded Projects

Detailed here are a selection of some of the projects that have been funded or  secured through S106 Agreements.  This is not an exhaustive list and as such this page will be updated on a regular basis as new projects are delivered.  For further information on S106 funded projects not listed please contact cil@southdowns.gov.uk

      • Affordable Housing Sustainability Improvements – Sheet 
        Solar panels The SDNPA are pleased to have been able to use S106 funds to support retrospective fitting of solar panels on affordable housing stock located in Sheet.  Benefits of the project include reduced utility costs for residents and a decrease in the environmental impact of the properties.
      • Sports Pavilion Refurbishment – Petworth 
        Refurbished Sports Pavilion S106 funds have recently enabled the refurbishment of the Petworth Sports Pavilion.  The refurbishment of the club room and bar area, part of a wider project to further improve facilities at the pavilion, was completed in early Summer and hopes to encourage wider use of the space for community events .
      • Jubilee Bench – Petworth 
        Petworth Town Council approached the SDNPA with regard to using S106 community funds to support the purchase of a bench for the town centre to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee.  A bespoke design was created, which included the South Downs shared identity,  with the bench being installed in the main town square in Spring 2022.
      • Car Club – Lewes 
        Two car club spaces have recently been provided at two new developments in Lewes.  Through the securing of contributions within S106 agreements two electric vehicles have been secured for 2 and 3 years respectively.  The provision will be managed by Co Wheels, the provider of the Lewes Car Club.
      • Affordable Housing – Angmering 
        SDNPA have recently been able to support the purchase of 5 new affordable homes within Angmering Parish. The homes, which are to be managed by Angmering Community Land Trust, completed in early March 22.  Tony Cross, Chair of ACLT, is delighted with the support the SDNPA have been able to give,  ‘Without your [SDNPA] help this project simply would not have been able to happen, thank you’.
      • Retractable Seating, Leconfield Hall 
        The Leconfield Trust has recently refurbished their auditorium to include a new sound system and lighting.  The Trust requested S106 funding to purchase and install retractable seating in order to make the space more versatile. The space is currently being operated as a commercial cinema, intending to show the latest film releases, and will support funding of improvement works to the ground floor of the facility.
      • Reintroduction of Natterjack Toads, Bordon 
        The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust approached the SDNPA to secure S106 funding for a project that will see the reintroduction of Natterjack Toads onto the Blackmoor SSSI that the SDNPA supported the purchase of in 2020.
        The site was formerly part of the toads range until they died out in the 1970’s due to neglect of the heathland habitat.  Spawn and tadpoles will be translocated from selected sites in Woolmer Forest under licence. Planned works include water analysis, health screening of the animals and monitoring of donor and receptor sites over a 5 year period.
      • Affordable Housing, Midhurst Community Land Trust

        Midhurst Community Land Trust have received S106 funds through a successful application for an Affordable Housing Grant.

        The grant has enabled them to purchase two affordable homes in a central location in Midhurst.

        The homes have been secured in perpetuity and will be offered to families with a local connection at 70% of normal rental rates, a case study for the project is available here.

      • Footpath Creation, Petersfield

        Footpath Posts, Petersfield

        The SDNPA were pleased to finalise the creation of a new footpath in late November 2020.  The provision of the route was secured through a S106 Agreement for one of the new developments along The Causeway, Petersfield.

        The route provides access from the Hangers Way and links to the Heath Pond.  The path has already been well received by local residents and ensures that access can be maintained for future generations.

      • Peace Garden, Lewes

        In early 2019 the SDNPA were approached to part fund a public realm project in the grounds around Lewes Castle Monument.

        Supported by funds from Friends of Lewes and led by Lewes District Council the project saw the restoration of a previously derelict area, providing seating and new paths to create a welcoming public space. The project was completed in early 2020.

      • Bridleway Improvements, Rackham
        Bridleway, Rackham
        Bridleway, Rackham

        Following an approach from our S106 team to advise them of available funds, Parham Parish Council approved a project to improve one of the bridleways in Rackham which was almost impassable following inclement weather as our ‘before’ photo shows.

        The Parish Council needed to worked closely with WSCC Highways as the route was a Public Right of Way ensuring that improvements met the appropriate specifications.

      • Blackmoor SSSI, Bordon

        Blackmoor SSSI

        The SDNPA received a request from The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC) in 2020 to support the purchase a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) near Bordon.

        The purchase of the land safeguards a key location in the South East of England which is home to 12  native reptile and amphibian species. Since completing the purchase ARC have reintroduced cattle to graze the site and aim to restore the Natterjack Toad to its native habitat.  ARC have created a virtual tour of the site which is available to view here.

      • Riverside Walk Play Area, Liss

        Riverside Play Area, Liss

        Public Open Space contributions enabled much needed improvements to the Riverside Walk Play Area in Liss.  The play area, which is often used by local playgroups and nurseries as an outdoor space,  required improvement as the ageing wooden equipment was starting to rot and had become unstable.  The S106 contributions funded a complete refurbishment of the play area with new equipment being installed.

      • Community Running Track, Herne Junior School, Petersfield

        The SDNPA were approached with a request to fund a community running track at Herne Junior School.  By collaborating with Barratt David Wilson Homes, S106 funds secured for a community project in Petersfield were used to facilitate the new provision, which will benefit both the school and local community.  The installation of the track will enable year round use of the school field, the aim is for students to access the track during school hours with other community groups using it at other times.

      • Affordable Housing, EHDC

        EHDC recently requested funding to improve some of their existing affordable housing stock to make it accessible for a family with a disabled child.  Following the granting of planning permission, work to improve the housing commenced in late 2020.

        This provision of funding is one example of how developer contributions secured through S106 agreements can support affordable housing across the National Park by supporting Housing Authorities in updating current housing, as well as supporting the acquisition of new affordable homes by Community Land Trusts through Affordable Housing Grants.

      • Timberyard Playground, Lewes

        Thanks to S106 contributions Lewes District Council were able to completely refurbish the play area at Timberyard Lane during Spring 2020.  The Council carried out a public consultation which specifically gave children the opportunity to feedback on the current provision .  Children’s suggestions for improvement included the addition of colourful surfacing and lower fencing; both of which were included in the project.

      • Outdoor Canopies, Midhurst Rother College

        The SDNPA were pleased to support Midhurst Rother with funding to enable them to extend their outdoor canopied seating area which has direct access to the school restaurant. The canopied area also doubles as an outdoor classroom and the installation of clear screening enables wider use throughout the year.

      • Petanque Court, Liss

        In late 2020, Liss Parish Council requested funding for the installation for a new petanque court. Following the loss of the previous facility, local teams had been meeting in private gardens to play, which meant that games couldn’t be played all year round. It is hoped that the new all weather pitches will enable games to be played throughout the winter months and attract new players to the game.

      • Artificial Cricket Wicket, Mid Sussex

        Through S106 funding Mid Sussex were able to provide a much needed upgrade to the artificial cricket wicket at the Clayton Green recreation ground, bringing the wicket up to English Cricket Board  standard.  The improvements  will benefit local club players of all ages and standards.

      • Allotment Steps, Petworth

        Petworth Town Council recently benefitted from a small S106 funding grant to enable the installation of steps to to their allotments. A gate to replace broken fencing was installed by theTown Council in 2020 improving direct access for local residents from the local housing estate, with the steps replacing sloped, grass access ensuring ease of access for those who use the facility.

      • Village Hall Car Park, Buriton

        Buriton Parish Council approached the SDNP in 2019 requesting funding to repair and extend the parking facility at the Village Hall, taking the opportunity to install low rail fencing which also provided some cycle parking. The improvements have defined a previously used informal overflow parking area, which was in poor repair.

      • Outdoor Gym, West Meon

        The installation of an outdoor gym with multiple stations at West Meon recreation ground, has provided the community with an outdoor informal exercise space. It is hoped the equipment provided will offer additional alternative outdoor exercise opportunities for adults currently using the recreation ground.


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