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Delivering & monitoring the Plan

Delivering & monitoring the Plan

Delivery of the Partnership Management Plan (the Plan) will be monitored by tracking the progress against a set of overarching indicators and by annual reporting by partners against the projects they have committed to the Plan.

The Authority and partners have agreed an initial list of projects and other work they will deliver towards achievement of the Plan outcomes and priorities over the next five years. The list of projects for each priority is set out in full on the Authority website.

This project list will continue to evolve over the five year Plan period as new projects are developed by partners.

On behalf of all involved, the Authority will write to partners annually, asking for a RAG (red/amber/green) status and description of progress.

Every year the Authority will produce an annual Partnership Management Plan Report which will be a high level update detailing key outputs and case studies from projects and other activities. This information will then be published, and shared with the Authority and the South Downs Partnership, as well as the sector groups helping to deliver the work.

In addition to monitoring project delivery we have updated the set of indicators against the Outcomes – these monitor overall progress towards the 2050 vision.

Where possible we have retained indicators from the previous Plan to enable long term trends to be identified.

Progress against all of the Plan indicators will be collected annually where it is possible to do so. It is likely that some of the indicators will not show change as frequently as every year, but will need to be measured over a longer time period, possibly even at five or ten year intervals.

Significant changes and updates to indicators will be included in the Annual Partnership Management Plan Report.

Periodically, we will arrange for an independent review of how well the activities of the National Park Authority and it is partners are delivering the long-term vision. This will help us understand whether we need to change what we are doing or how we are doing it.


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