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South Downs Local Plan Review

We have begun work on the Local Plan Review.

As we review the Local Plan, there is much that we propose to keep, such as the landscape led approach, ecosystem services and the development strategy of a medium level of development dispersed across the National Park.

The review will give us the opportunity to address particular issues such as climate change and nature recovery, review development needs and provision figures, and allow us to address changes in national policy.

We are currently at the very beginning of the Local Plan Review process, at the evidence gathering stage. We are working towards a draft plan for a Regulation 18 consultation which we anticipate will begin early 2025.

Our Local Development Scheme below sets out the timetable for the Local Plan Review.

We are undertaking or externally commissioning evidence which will support the preparation of the Local Plan Review. Currently underway are the Land Availability Assessment (development and offsetting sites) and Local Green Space Assessment. These are supported by the call for sites to be nominated for these assessments undertaken in 2022.

To support community input into the Local Plan Review, parish councils have the option to prepare a Parish Priority Statement.

You can see the adopted South Downs Local Plan and Policies Map 2014-2033 through this link.

If you would like to receive notifications and updates on the progress of the Local Plan Review and other planning policy matters, please email planningpolicy@southdowns.gov.uk with your full name and contact information and we will add you to our consultation database.