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Call for Local Green Spaces 2022

Call for Local Green Spaces 2022

As part of the Local Plan Review, and to inform the Local Green Space (LGS) assessment, we launched a new “Call for Local Green Spaces”.

The Call for Local Green Spaces ran from Wednesday 10 August to Wednesday 28 September 2022.

This was an early opportunity for individuals, community groups, landowners, and town and parish councils to nominate green areas within the National Park for LGS designation.  During this time, there were almost 100 nominations submitted to the Authority.

The Policy Team are currently working through the LGS nominations for the LGS Assessment.  We expect to publish our initial conclusions in Spring 2024.

How are the nominations being assessed?

Nominations are being considered in the Local Green Space (LGS) Assessment.  For more information, please see:

Existing Local Green Spaces (LGS)

The Local Green Spaces (LGS) already designated in the South Downs Local Plan (SDLP) and/or a made Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) will remain designated, unless any new information is submitted to suggest the need for a review of an individual site.

How do I submit an LGS nomination?

Whilst the formal Call for Local Green Space window has closed, it is still possible to submit a nomination.  If you wish to nominate a green area, please complete a Call for Local Green Space Nomination Form.

You will need to complete a separate form for each green area that you wish to put forward.  Please note that each green area will need to be accompanied with a map (at a suitable scale) showing the boundary of the green area as accurately as possible.

You can return your completed nomination form and map to us via:

If you wish to be directly notified regarding the Local Plan Review, please email PlanningPolicy@southdowns.gov.uk


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