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Call for Nature Sites – opening soon

Call for Nature Sites – opening soon

The SDNPA has launched a Call for Nature Sites.

This is a pilot project seeking to identify potential land that could contribute to nature recovery across the South Downs National Park.

We are looking to hear from landowners, land managers, communities, businesses, and conservation groups to put forward possible sites where new wildlife habitat could be created, contributing to nature recovery in the South Downs National Park.

Why a Call for Nature Sites?

An aerial shot of farmland in the South Downs with a graphic saying '33% for 2030' placed at the top to illustrate the South Downs National Park's ambition to see 33% of land managed for nature by 2030Nature is under pressure and it needs our help.

Currently, 25% of the National Park is managed for nature.

Our goal is to increase that to 33% by 2030 as set out in our #ReNature Campaign.

Together we can create a nature network spreading across the South Downs National Park making this an even better place for nature and people.

There are a range of delivery opportunities, including funding, currently or soon to be available which can support projects for nature recovery.

How does the Call for Nature Sites work?

The appeal is inviting farmers, land managers, communities and conservation groups across the National Park to put forward possible sites where new wildlife habitat could be created.

The SDNPA would like to work with interested landowners and land managers to identify and develop nature recovery projects by providing specialist advice and help to match make funding opportunities for suitable sites.

We are looking to identify sites/projects at varying scales, ranging from well-developed project ideas, through to expressions of interest in putting forward a site to explore further.

Landowners and land managers are invited to submit an Expression of Interest form.

It is important to note that putting a site forward at this stage is not a commitment but an expression of interest to explore this further.

The submitted sites will be evaluated for their potential and opportunities to contribute to nature recovery by supporting bigger, better, and more joined up nature.

Following the evaluation, discussions will begin how we can work together to develop projects further.

For more information on the Call for Nature Sites pilot, please see the following Call for Nature Sites Guide and FAQs.


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