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Affordable Housing in the South Downs National Park

Affordable Housing in The South Downs

The South Downs National Park has some of the highest house prices in the country. Properties are in high demand with towns and villages regularly appearing in property sections under headlines such as ‘most desirable’, ‘prettiest’ and ‘happiest’. High-income urban households looking to move into the countryside and a shortage of land can add to the problem.

A lack of affordable housing impacts those on a modest income, resulting in them having to move out of an area leaving support and employment networks behind. This migration of families can destabilise villages and results in local services being unable to access a network of employees and customers. With many jobs in the National Park being relatively low paid, people often can’t afford to live near their work and will often have to drive, an added expense which also increases traffic congestion and pollution.

The South Downs National Park Authority is working to support the delivery of affordable homes through our planning policies and by offering grants to those building affordable homes on rural exception sites or through non-profit making organisations such as Community Land Trusts.

If you would like further information on affordable housing provision contact affordablehousing@southdowns.gov.uk