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S106 Funding Grants

S106 Funding Grants

Section 106 money can be spent within the National Park to improve local community or social infrastructure.  Case studies of some previously funded projects are available on the S106 Funded Projects page.

If you require any further information on S106 funding please contact us at cil@southdowns.gov.uk or 01730 814810

  • Project Assessment

    The SDNPA is accountable for the spending of S106 funds and must ensure that:

    • The process is transparent and fair to all.
    • Projects supported are evidence based and will deliver the required social and community benefits.
    • The funds are allocated in accordance with the S106 Agreement.

    When assessing proposed projects the following criteria will be considered:

    • The eligibility of the project for S106 funding.
    • The conservation and environmental impact of the project.
    • The environmental net-gains arising from the project.
    • Whether permission has been sought from the owner of the project site in order for the project to be completed and maintained.
    • Whether planning permission is required for the project.
    • Endorsement of the local Parish Council.
    • Evidence of the need for the project.
    • That opportunities for match funding projects have been fully investigated.
    • Whether granting the S106 bid would result in complete funding for the project.

    Any proposed project should support the South Downs Partnership Management Plan and the purposes and duty of the National Park. Projects should also, where relevant, have consideration for the policies in the adopted South Downs Local Plan and its supporting documents regardless of whether planning permission is required.

    The types of project that might be eligible will be dependent upon evidence that an assessment has been made of local community needs and that the project provides new or improved community or social infrastructure.

    A full assessment of  the project and any available S106 funds will be undertaken before any decision on allocating funds is made.

  • Applying for funding – Parish Councils, Town Councils & Community Groups

    To be eligible for a S106 grant a project must provide improved community or social infrastructure.  S106 funding can be available to all community based organisations operating on a not-for-profit basis in the South Downs National Park. 

    Given the number of parishes and community based organisations located within the National Park, we actively seek to allocate funds through projects proposed by Parish Councils in the first instance. Any community based organisations hoping to receive S106 funding should have the written support of their Parish Council.

    We particularly encourage funding requests for projects that have been identified in a Parish Plan, Neighbourhood Development Plan, Village Design Statement or in relation to improvements identified by any SDNPA project.

    All projects should support the purposes and duty of the National Park and have consideration for policies in the adopted Local Plan and its supporting documents.

    Before completing a S106 Parish Funding Bid Application form, please contact us if you are unsure that a project is eligible, or whether funds are available within your area.

    It should be noted that the SDNPA has responsibility to report on all spending of S106 funds, therefore Councils will be expected to report on the spending of transferred funds.

  • Applying for transfer of funds – District and County Councils

    Some S106 funds paid to the Authority are allocated to District and County Council departments and projects. These funds are transferable to the relevant Council on completion of the S106 Funding Transfer Request form.

    It should be noted that the SDNPA has responsibility to report on all spending of S106 funds, therefore Councils will be expected to report on the spending of transferred funds.


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