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Supplying SDNPA

Supplying SDNPA

All purchasing carried out by the South Downs National Park Authority is subject to our Contract Standing Orders.

The purpose of these Contract Standing Orders is to provide a structure within which purchasing decisions are made and implemented.

This is to ensure that the South Downs National Park Authority uses its resources efficiently, purchases quality goods, services and works and safeguards its reputation from any implication of dishonesty or corruption.

The Tendering Process

As a public sector body, our processes are governed by the Public Contract Regulations 2015, from which our Contract Standing Orders and procurement process are derived.

Most of our tenders are below the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) thresholds.

SDNPA makes use of frameworks where appropriate, including Crown Commercial Service.

Where no appropriate frameworks are available, we run procurement exercises.

Contracts are awarded to the most economically advantageous tender (based on a combination of price and quality elements).

Here is an overview of our process at different contract values:

Less than £2,000

Prices and methodologies are benchmarked to ensure value for money is being obtained, then order is placed directly with a supplier.

£2,000 to £25,000

An Invitation to Quote (ITQ) is issued.  A minimum of three quotes is invited, usually by open advertisement on our In-tend procurement portal, and quotes evaluated according to published criteria.

£25,000 to relevant GPA threshold

A formal invitation to tender is issued and a minimum of four tenders are invited, through open advertisement on our In-tend procurement portal. Opportunities are also advertised on Contracts Finder.  Tenders are evaluated according to published criteria.

Over GPA Threshold

The Public Contract Regulations 2015 apply to all over GPA Threshold procurements.  SDNPA follows the defined process and advertises opportunities both on Contracts Finder and the Government’s Find A Tender service.  Tenders are evaluated according to published criteria, which includes Social Value at a minimum of 10% weighting.

Current Tendering Opportunities

SDNPA uses an electronic sourcing portal to manage all tendering and quotation exercises and current contract opportunities can be viewed at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/southdowns.

In order to view the full documents available it is necessary to register with the portal. Registration is free and only has to be done once.

We advertise all opportunities for contracts over £25,000 on the Government Contracts Finder website, and high value opportunities over current World Trade Organisation Agreement on Government Procurement (GPA) thresholds on the Find a Tender website.

Other opportunities: A number of other public sector bodies, such as County and District Councils, whose boundaries lie within the South Downs National Park advertise their tendering opportunities via the SE Shared Services e-Sourcing Portal.  You can also visit their individual websites for further information on their tendering process and opportunities.

Future Tendering Opportunities

The procurement team gathers information on forthcoming tendering opportunities from colleagues on an on-going basis.  These are also published on our sourcing portal, Intend.  Any future opportunities can be found by selecting “Forthcoming Tenders” from the “Tenders” tab.

Approved Contractor List: Countryside Works

SDNPA operates an Approved Contractor List for Countryside works.

If you are interested in being a part of the list please fill out the application form and email it together with the required supporting information to contractors@southdowns.gov.uk

Alternatively, forms can be sent via the post to;

The Procurement Team,
South Downs National Park Authority,
South Downs Centre,
North Street,
West Sussex
GU29 9DH

Please note that acceptance on to the Approved Contractor list is not a guarantee of any contract/commission.

Payment Information for Suppliers

If you have not supplied SDNPA before, the Officer purchasing from you will ask you to complete a form so that you can be added as a supplier to our payment system.  You will then be issued with a purchase order for the goods or service required.

To ensure prompt payment, supplier invoices should contain the following information:

  • Supplier full name and business address
  • The invoice should be addressed to: South Downs National Park Authority at South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, GU29 9DH
  • Date of invoice
  • Invoice number
  • The Purchase Order reference number supplied by SDNPA
  • Description of product or service carried out
  • Price in £ Sterling.
  • Any VAT payable, with a breakdown showing the net figure, the VAT amount and the gross figure
  • A VAT registration number if VAT registered

Invoices should be emailed to SDNPAPayments@brighton-hove.gov.uk (preferred) or by post to:

South Downs National Park Authority
c/o Central Payments Unit
Brighton & Hove Council
3rd Floor Bartholomew House
Bartholomew Square

Our standard payment terms are 30 days, reduced to 10 days for small suppliers.

Questions regarding payment should be emailed to the SDNPA officer who ordered the goods or service, or alternatively SDNPAPayments@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Contact us

If you have any questions about our procurement process, or supplying SDNPA, please contact the team:  tenders@southdowns.gov.uk, 01730 814810.


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