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Including Social Value in Tenders

Including Social Value in Tenders

For higher value contracts over the relevant GPA threshold, Social Value is always included in the evaluation of tenders, with a minimum weighting of 10%.  For lower value contracts, Social Value is considered as an evaluation weighting, where appropriate and proportionate to the contract in question.

If it is specified as a requirement, tenderers should describe in their bid any proposals they have to encompass social value within the contract.  Social value may improve the economic, social or environmental well-being of the area, and examples are included below.

Social value proposals in bids must be over and above the core deliverables of the contract, and should both relate and be proportionate to the subject matter of the contract.

Below is a list of general examples of how bidders might include Social Value in their bids.  This list is not exhaustive.


  • Creating local employment opportunities for the long term unemployed or those not in education, employment, or training
  • Creating skills and training opportunities
  • Offering work placements to school children and young adults
  • Providing career advice and information on specific careers
  • Educational engagement, eg with schools, colleges or training providers, through site visits, careers talks, work placements etc.
  • Offering curriculum support to schools
  • Providing greater opportunities for individuals or groups facing greater social or economic barriers


  • Helping local charities, community groups, residents
  • Supporting local culture and heritage
  • Maintaining ethical supply chains
  • Providing opportunities for vulnerable people and promoting social integration for example work opportunities for disadvantaged people.
  • Considering equity and diversity in the provision and operation of services
  • Improving health and wellbeing of local residents and employees
  • Creating volunteering activities


  • Setting environmental objectives to improve environmental performance during the duration of the contract
  • Reducing energy and fuel consumption in the provision of the contract
  • Promoting initiatives to retain, protect, enhance and/or promote the character of the local natural environment for the benefit of local people and wildlife
  • Minimising waste through re-use and recycling
  • Using energy efficient equipment
  • Implementing environmental management systems


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