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Achieving Net Zero for the South Downs National Park

Achieving Net Zero for the South Downs National Park

We are committed to working towards the South Downs National Park becoming ‘Net-Zero with Nature’ by 2040.

We will achieve this by:

  • delivering climate action through the planning system;
  • working with local communities to deliver climate action;
  • bringing together community groups and organisations to take action focusing on people least engaged at present through the five-year Ouse Valley Climate Action project funded by the Climate Action Fund.
  • restoring nature through our innovative ReNature project
  • supporting farmer-led programmes that sequester carbon and/or keep it stored within land they manage through initiatives such as the Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) scheme;
  • improving sustainable access – working with sector partners to encourage provision of facilities, opportunities and incentives to allow for reduced carbon travel;
  • working with businesses to achieve better sustainability through the Our South Downs business platform and the Green South Downs Sustainability Award Scheme;
  • engagement and outreach to the public and partner organisations;
  • developing more effective and engaging ways to communicate around the challenges of climate change and adaptation to the public through the creative and cultural sector.


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."