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Steyning, Ashurst, Bramber & Wiston Neighbourhood Plan

Steyning, Ashurst, Bramber & Wiston Neighbourhood Plan

Update to Neighbourhood Plan Area

The Neighbourhood Planning cluster comprising of Steyning, Wiston, Ashurst and Bramber Parishes (collectively known as SWAB) has agreed in principle to ‘de-cluster’ and withdraw from the designated Neighbourhood Plan area. The parishes have issued individual withdrawal statements to this effect. Further information is available on the respective parish council websites.

Should any of the individual Parishes wish to pursue a Neighbourhood Plan for their community, they will need to formally reapply to Horsham District Council and the South Downs National Park Authority to designate a new neighbourhood area.

The following stages and documents have produced so far:

Statutory stage Background information & documents
Designated Neighbourhood Area The SDNPA designated the Steyning, Ashurst, Bramber & Wiston Neighbourhood Area on 17 September 2014 following an application from Steyning, Ashurst, Bramber and Wiston Parish Councils
Consultation on the proposed Neighbourhood Area A consultation on an application to designate Steyning, Ashurst, Bramber & WistonNeighbourhood Area was held from 26 June to 7 August 2013


For further information please contact neighbourhood@southdowns.gov.uk

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