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Twyford Neighbourhood Plan

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan

Twyford Parish Council are preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Twyford .  Further details of the neighbourhood plan preparation are available at the Twyford Parish Council website.

The following stages and documents have been completed:

Statutory stage Further information & documents
Plan ‘made’ (adopted)

The Twyford NDP (Submission Plan incorporating the Examiner’s modifications and all modifications as per the SDNPA Decision Statement) complies with the legal requirements and basic conditions set out in the Localism Act 2011 and as a result of the SDNPA Planning Committee resolution on 10 February 2022 has been made.

Twyford NDP – Made Plan

The Twyford NDP is a part of the Development Plan of the SDNPA Local Planning Authority area as defined by the Neighbourhood Area Designation by the SDNPA in 2015.

The made Rogate & Rake NDP can be viewed at the following location:

South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, GU29 9DH

Referendum A referendum was held on the Twyford NDP on Thursday 13 January 2022. For more information on the referendum visit Winchester City Council’s webpage. There was a 33% turnout, with the following result:

  • Yes = 83% (349 votes)
  • No = 17% (70 votes)

Twyford Neighbourhood Development Plan (Referendum Version)

Decision on a Plan Proposal (updated)

On the 14 October 2021, the SDNPA’s Planning Committee agreed the Decision Statement for the Twyford NDP.

Following the meeting, an error has been identified in the Decision Statement.

The report below identifies and corrects the error in the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement.

This amendment to the Decision Statement has been agreed under the Director of Planning’s delegated authority, as set out in the report.

The Decision Statement has been updated accordingly and can be found at the link below:

The Twyford NDP has been modified accordingly and will proceed to referendum on January 13 2022.

Decision on a Plan Proposal

On the 14 October 2021, the SDNPA’s Planning Committee agreed the Decision Statement for the Twyford NDP.

This sets out the modifications that will be made to the Neighbourhood Plan in response to the Examiner’s recommendations.

The Twyford NDP has been modified accordingly and will proceed to referendum on January 13 2022.

Independent Examination (Examiner’s Report)


The Examiner has issued his final report, which the SDNPA will consider. A “Decision Statement” will be prepared setting out the actions to be taken in response to the recommendations of the Examiner. The Decision Statement will be presented to the SDNPA Planning Committee at the next available meeting.

Following the publication of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement, an error in the Examiner’s report was identified.

The Examiner has corrected this error through the publication of an Erratum to the Examiner’s report.

Independent Examination The SDNPA has appointed Mr Andrew Ashcroft as Independent Examiner of the Twyford NDP.  The Examiner will assess whether the Twyford NDP meets certain legal requirements, known as ‘basic conditions’ and will consider the representations made on the Twyford NDP.

The Neighbourhood Plan Examiner has requested further information to enable him to carry out the Examination. The Examiners initial questions are set out below. A  response will now be prepared by Twyford Parish Council and published here following agreement with the Neighbourhood Plan Examiner

Publicising the Plan Proposal (Regulation 16)

The SDNPA is publishing the submitted Twyford Neighbourhood Development Plan (TNP) for consultation in accordance with Part 5 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended).

The consultation runs from 28th January to 25th March 2021. The following documents are published for consultation:

The Submission documents will not be made available in deposit locations due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. If you have difficulty in accessing the documents online, please contact the telephone number or email address below.

Tel: 01730 814810

Any comments must be made in writing by email or by post to:

  • E-mail: neighbourhood@southdowns.gov.uk
  • By Post to: Planning Policy Team, South Downs National Park Authority, South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH

Comments made on the Twyford Neighbourhood Development Plan (TNDP) will be considered by an independent examiner who will assess whether the TNDP meets certain legal requirements, known as the ‘basic conditions’. This guidance note provides further information on the basic conditions and the next steps for the TNDP.

Submission of Plan Proposals Twyford Parish Council submitted the TNDP and accompanying documents to the SDNPA on 21st December 2020. The following submission checklist has been completed by the SDNPA:

Pre-submission consultation on the plan Twyford Parish Council carried out their Pre Submission consultation from 6th January to 24th February 2020

Designated Neighbourhood Area The SDNPA designated the Twyford Neighbourhood Area on 12 January 2015 following an application from Twyford Parish Council

Consultation on a proposed Neighbourhood Area A consultation on an application to designate Twyford Neighbourhood Area was held from 21 November 2014 to 9 January 2015

For further information please contact neighbourhood@southdowns.gov.uk

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