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Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Directions

An Article 4 direction is used to reduce the scope of permitted development rights either in relation to a particular area or site, or a particular type of development anywhere in the authority’s area. Where an article 4 direction is in effect, a planning application may be required for development that would otherwise have been permitted development.

Article 4 directions are used to control works that could threaten the character of an area of acknowledged importance, such as a conservation area. If you wish to make a representation about an Article 4 direction, that hasn’t yet been confirmed please email article4@southdowns.gov.uk.

Date Issued Date Confirmed The Address Direction Notice
11 November 2021 10 March 2022 Land at Clayton Hill, New Way Lane,  Clayton, Hassocks. Article 4 – Land at Clayton Hill (confirmed)
16 June 2021 Land to the West of Hoddern Farm, Hoddern Farm Lane, Peacehaven, BN10 8AR

Article 4 – Land west of Hoddern Farm confirmed

Land west of Hoddern Farm – Immediate notice

09 June 2021 Land Adjoining Lodsworth House, Lodsworth, West Sussex, GU28 9BY Article 4 – Lodsworth House Confirmed Immediate Notice – Lodsworth House
24 June 2020


16 December 2020

Land to the North of Miggs Lane and West of Cricket Grounds, Fernhurst, West Sussex, GU27 3JF Miggs Lane – Article 4 (Confirmed)
2 March 2018 23 August 2018

Land to the west of Mill Lane, Steep, Hampshire, GU32 2DH

(Also known as Mill Meadow Farm Field).

Mill Lane – Article 4 (Confirmed)
September 15 2017 10 March 2018 Land at Shepherds Down, Dundridge Lane Bishops Waltham Hampshire SO32 1GB Article 4 Shepherds Down (Confirmed)
April 18 2017


14 September 2017

Land to the South of Dundridge Lane Bishops Waltham Hampshire SO32 1PE Article 4 Dundridge Lane – Confirmed
May 14 2015 October 27 2015 Land at Little Vicarage Farm (Formerly known as “Charellen”) Vicarage Lane Swanmore SO32 2PW

Confirmed Article 4 direction Little Vicarage farm

Article 4 Direction Little Vicarge Farm

December 15 2014 March 23 2015 Land at Wassell Barn Streels Lane, Ebernoe, Petworth, West Sussex GU28 9LD

Confirmed Article 4 direction Wassell Barn

Article 4 Direction Wassell Barn

June 24 2014 September 22 2014 Land at Bere Farm Heath Road Soberton Hampshire SO32 3QH Confirmed Article 4 Direction Bere Farm
Served not stated December 18 2007 Land west of Swan Bridge, London Road, Pulborough ARTicle 4 Land w of Swan Bridge 4043
Served not stated January 27 2003 Land north of the A283, Bramber ARTicle 4 Land N of A283 4039
Served not stated September 26 1997 Amberley Conservation Area ARTicle 4 Amberley Conservation Area 4033
December 14 2009 Not confirmed Danny Parkland off New Way Lane Hurstpierpoint West Sussex PR-01454-ART4_DANNY-PARKLAND_HURSTPIERPOINT_NOT-APPROVED
November 17 2009 Land to the east of Rockpits Lane, Steep Marsh, Petersfield, Hampshire Article 4 – Rockpits Lane Steep Marsh
13 July 2007 Land south west of Pond Cottages, Barrowhill Farm Lane, Ramsdean, Petersfield Article 4 – Barrowhill Farm Lane
September 15 2004 Land at junction of Lovedean Lane and Hinton Daubney Hill, Clanfield, Waterlooville Article 4 – Lane at Lovedean Lane (2)
September 15 2004 Land at junction of Lovedean Lane and Hinton Daubney Hill, Clanfield, Waterlooville Article 4 – Pond Cottages
October 2 2001 Land at junction of Lovedean Lane and Hinton Daubney Hill, Clanfield, Waterlooville Article 4 – Land at Lovedean Lane
December 21 1993 Land at Pigeons Copse, Hillbrow Road, Liss, Hampshire Article 4 – Pigeons Copse
December 8 1993 Land known as the Old Racecourse, Lewes, East Sussex

Site plan Old Racecourse Article 4

Article 4 for Old Racecourse Lewes

January 14 1986 February 20 1986 Land forming part of Southdown Farm Lodge Lane Keymer West Sussex PR-00082-ART4_SOUTHDOWN-FARM_KEYMER
September 11 1984 December 13 1984 Clayton Court Farm and Coldharbour Farm Clayton West Sussex PR-00080-ART4_CLAYTON-COURT-FARM_COLDHARBOUR-FARM_CLAYTON
August 21 1984 November 6 1984 Land at Rushfield Nurseries and adjacent land to the north-east of the A281 Crossways Cottages Poynings West Sussex PR-00079-ART4_RUSHFIELD-NURSERIES_POYNINGS
Not stated Confirmed. Not stated Land adjacent South Lock Barn Cottages, Shoreham Road, Upper Beeding ARTicle 4 Land adj S Lock Barn Cottages 4028
December 4 1973 January 8 1974 Main Farm, Upper Beeding ARTicle 4 Main Farm UBeeding 4005
February 4 1964 October 19 1964 Truleigh Hill, Upper Beeding ARTicle 4 Truleigh Hill 4004



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