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Planning Committee

Covid-19 Update 

Following the most recent Government Advice, the Authority has been reviewing all upcoming Authority and Committee meetings including the Planning Committee.

Under delegated responsibilities (as set out in the Authority’s Standing Orders) the Director of Planning is able to issue planning decisions where he has delegated responsibility to do so.  However, applications which fall into the categories below will need to be decided by Members of the Planning Committee:

  1. Planning applications (except for householder and other minor applications) which are contrary to the approved or draft development plan or other planning policies but which are recommended for approval;
  2. Applications (except for householder and other minor applications) which are requested for referral to the Planning Committee by any Member of the Authority, in writing or email to the Director of Planning and with specified reasons;
  3. Applications (except for householder and other minor applications) which, in the opinion of the Director of Planning, have generated significant and material third party representations which are contrary to the officer recommendation;
  4. Applications from Authority Members or employees;
  5. Applications submitted by or on behalf of the Authority for its own developments, except for the approval of minor developments.

In addition, to the above list there are some applications that fall within the Director of Planning’s delegated responsibilities but for a variety of reasons require Member consideration.  The process for these applications will be:

  • The Officer report and intended decision will be posted on the Authority website and letters will be sent to interested parties who will have 5 working days to make any comments.
  • Members of the public who wish to comment (in the absence of being able to speak at Committee for up to 3 minutes) can submit additional information, other than what has been previously submitted, by email to Please note that any submission should be no longer than a maximum of 500 words.
  • Members will provide their comments on the application to the Director of Planning and a decision statement will be issued on the Authority website 10 working days after public comments have been received.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times.

Planning Items under delegated authority

There will be no Planning Committee held for April and May 2020 and all future meetings will be reviewed. This page will be regularly updated with any changes to forthcoming meetings beyond May.  The following pages will show any items coming before the Director of Planning inline with the delegated Authority listed above.

April – planning items for delegation

May – planning items for delegation

Planning Committee Members

The Planning Committee comprises the following Members of the South Downs National Park Authority:

  • Alun Alesbury (Chair)
  • Heather Baker (Deputy Chair)
  • Pat Beresford
  • Thérèse Evans
  • Barbara Holyome
  • Gary Marsh
  • William Meyer
  • Robert Mocatta
  • Diana van der Klugt
  • Vanessa Rowlands

Ex officio Members for Planning Policy items only
(may participate on Policy Items but not vote, no participation on Development Management Items)

  • Margaret Paren
  • Ian Phillips

The Committees Terms of Reference are available in Appendix 4 of the Authority’s Standing Orders.

Local Protocol for Members and Officers Dealing With Planning Matters.

The Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations are in force, giving a right to members of the public to record and report on proceedings at committee meetings. Please read our Filming, Recording and Reporting of SDNPA Meetings Protocol for more information.

There will be no Planning Committee held for April and May 2020 and all future meetings will be reviewed.

Forthcoming meetings

Previous meetings