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Committees & Meetings

Covid-19 Update 

Following the most recent Government advice, we are reviewing all upcoming Authority and Committee meetings (including Planning Committee) and we will update this page as soon as possible with further information. We thank you for your patience at this challenging time.

Standing Orders

Procedures at Authority and Committee meetings are regulated by the SDNPA Standing Orders (May 2019).  Standing orders .

The Standing Orders contain the following appendices:

  • Provisions regulating Membership if the Authority
  • Rules on Elections
  • Provisions Relating to Public Participation at Meetings
  • Committee Terms of Reference
  • Rules of Debate
  • The Chief Executive (National Park Officer)
  • SDNPA General Delegation of Authority to the Chief Executive and Directors
  • Proper Officers

Authority Meetings

The functions of the full Authority Meetings include:

  • Approving the budget and other major plans and policies
  • Taking any decisions where there is a major financial implication (over £100,000)
  • Taking any decisions that are not delegated to an officer or committee

The full NPA also appoints the Chair and deputy chair of the authority and appoints members to committees.


There are three committees within the South Downs National Park Authority responsible for Planning, Policy & Resources and Appointment & Management. You can find more information about the committees and their members by following the links below:


We now broadcast all full Authority, Policy and Resources Committee and Planning Committee meetings through our webcasting portal. You can watch the meetings live or on-demand for up to six months after the meeting. To request footage from older meetings, please contact us at

Additional Information