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The South Downs National Park Authority has 27 Members, comprising:

  • 14 Councillors from Local Authorities within the South Downs National Park. There are 15 local authorities within the Park, and each is entitled to a seat on the Park Authority. Two councils have decided to share a seat.
  • 6 Councillors from Town and Parish Councils within the South Downs National Park. 2 Councillors each are appointed from East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire. The appointments follow elections organised by the relevant Associations of Town and Parish Councils.
  • 7 Members appointed by the Secretary of State following a national, open competition.

Members are expected to commit a minimum of three to four days per month to the work of the Park Authority. They’re not paid for this work, but they may claim certain allowances, including travel and other direct expenses.

SDNPA Members are appointed to represent the SDNPA as a whole and not their appointing body.

Members appointed by the Secretary of State to represent national interests may be appointed for up to 4 years and are not usually expected to serve more than three successive terms for a maximum of 10 years in total.

Parish and local authority appointed Members serve until the next election of their Council. Elections are held periodically, although these are typically staggered between the parishes and local authorities. These Members are eligible for re appointment to the Authority if re elected to their council. There is currently no maximum term of membership.


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."