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South Downs Partnership

Whilst the National Park Authority itself is responsible for the delivery of the Purposes and Duty it is committed to working in partnership with stakeholders to achieve this.

The South Downs Partnership is made up of representatives from different sectors, all with an important stake in the future of the South Downs National Park.

South Downs Partnership Terms of Reference

Forthcoming Meetings

  • 22 September 2016 (Joint meeting with SDNPA Members)
  • 18 November 2016


The current members of the Partnership are listed below:

  • Janita Bagshawe
  • Andrew Brown
  • Julie Carr
  • Jane Cecil
  • Robert Cheesman
  • Chris Corrigan,
  • Lee Dance
  • James Farrell
  • Sue Halstead
  • Rosemary Irwin
  • Gemma Lacey
  • Alison Matthews
  • Roger Mullenger
  • Margaret Paren
  • Chris Passmore
  • Roger Paterson
  • Bruce Rothnie
  • Jim Seymour
  • Andrew Shaxson
  • Andrew Swayne,
  • Mike Tristram
  • David Uren
  • Tony Whitbread
  • Ron Wilder