Planning Committee 14 March 2019

Location: South Downs Centre Hall, Midhurst, GU29 9DH

Date and time: 14 March 2019 10:00

Contact Details:

Trevor Beattie

Chief Executive (National Park Officer)

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At the start of the meeting the Chair will make an announcement that the meeting may be filmed, recorded or photographed. Webcasting is undertaken in the public interest and in the exercise of our official authority, by entering the meeting room and using the public seating area you are consenting to being filmed, recorded and photographed. If you have any queries regarding this please contact


We broadcast all Planning Committee meetings through our webcasting portal. Meetings can be viewed live or on-demand for up to a year after the meeting.


Update Sheet

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Minutes of previous meeting held on 14 February 2019
    Agenda Item 3
  4. Matters arising from the previous meeting minutes
  5. Updates on previous Committee decisions
  6. Urgent matters

Development Management

  1. Withdrawn at the request of the applicant – East Hampshire District Council – Application No: SDNP/18/02170/FUL
    Oaklands Farm, Green Street, East Worldham, Bordon. GU34 3AU
    Agenda Item 7
  2. SDNPA (Wealden District Council) – Application No: SDNP/18/03970/FUL
    Land adjacent to Crowlink Corner, Crowlink Lane, Friston. East Sussex. BN20 0AX
    Agenda Item 8
    Agenda Item 8 Appendix 2
    Agenda item 8 – Presentation
  3. SDNPA (Mid Sussex District Council) – Application No: SDNP/18/06068/FUL
    Land East of Church Lane, Church Lane, Pyecombe. West Sussex.
    Agenda Item 9
    Agenda Item 9 – Presentation
  4. SDNPA (Arun District Council) – Application No: SDNP/18/00023/FUL
    Chestnut Tree House, Childrens Hospice, Dover Lane, Angmering. BN18 9PX
    Agenda Item 10
    Agenda Item 10 – Presentation
  5. Chichester District Council  – Application No: SDNP/18/05744/FUL
    Woolbeding Gardens, Woolbeding Lane, Woolbeding. GU29 9RR
    Agenda Item 11
    Agenda Item 11 – Presentation

Strategy & Policy

  1. Summary of appeal decisions received from 27 November 2018 – 26 February 2019
    Agenda Item 12

Members of the Planning Committee

Alun Alesbury, Heather Baker, David Coldwell, Neville Harrison, Barbara Holyome, Roger Huxstep, Doug Jones, Tom Jones, Robert Mocatta, Ian Phillips, Anthony Watts Williams.

Ex officio Members (may participate on Policy items but not vote):
Margaret Paren, Norman Dingemans

Members’ interests

SDNPA Members have a primary responsibility for ensuring that the Authority furthers the National Park Purposes and Duty. Members regard themselves first and foremost as Members of the Authority, and will act in the best interests of the National Park as a whole, rather than as representatives of their appointing body or any interest groups.

Members are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that is not already entered in the Authority's register of interests, and any personal interest and/or public service interest (as defined in Paragraph 18 of the Authority's Code of Conduct) they may consider relevant to an item of business being considered at the meeting (such disclosure to be made at the commencement of the meeting, or when the interest becomes apparent).

Access to information

If you would like a copy of this agenda in large print or an alternative format/language please contact the Committee Officer on or 01730 814810.

Public participation

Anyone wishing to speak at the meeting should register their request, using the Registration Form, no later than 12 noon on the Monday before the meeting. Further information on public speaking and registering as a speaker.

Please note that there is no catering provision for members of the public during meal breaks. However there are cafes, pubs and shops in Midhurst town centre, approximately 5 minutes’ walk away.


If you wish to give us feedback on your experience of the meeting please e-mail