Planning Committee 9 February 2017

Location: South Downs Centre Hall

Date and time: 09 February 2017 10:00

Contact Details:

Trevor Beattie

Chief Executive (National Park Officer)

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Public Participation

Anyone wishing to speak at the meeting should register their request no later than 12:00 on the Monday preceding the Thursday meeting with The Planning public speaking protocol is available on the website.


1.Apologies for absence

2.Declaration of Interests

    To enable Members to declare to the meeting any disclosable interest they may have in any matter on the agenda for the meeting.

3. Minutes of previous meeting held on 19 January 2017

    To approve as a correct record the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 19 January 2017 (Page 1).

4. Matters arising

    To enable any matters arising from the 19 January 2017 Planning Committee minutes that are not covered elsewhere on this agenda to be raised.

5. Updates on previous Committee decisions

    To receive any updates on previous Committee decisions.

6. Urgent Matters

    To consider any matter on the agenda which the Chair agrees should be considered as a matter of urgency to due special circumstances.



7. Application No: SDNP/16/03835/FUL
Proposal: New barn to be used as café, farm shop and cycle storage, four timber cabins for tourist accommodation and new access and parking area.
Address: Broad View Farm, Blacknest Road, Binsted, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4PX

To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC06/17 Page 9).

8. Application No: SDNP/16/05343/FTP
Proposal: Diversion of footpath 55
Address: Broad View Farm, Blacknest Road, Binsted, Alton, Hampshire GU34 4PX

To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC07/17 Page 45).

9. Application No: SDNP/16/04263/FUL & SDNP/16/04264/LIS
Proposal: Change of use of stables to form self-contained studio flat and SDNP/16/04264/LIS Regularisation of works undertaken to form self-contained studio flat.
Address: Stanmer House Stable Block Stanmer Village Stanmer Park Brighton Brighton & Hove BN1 9QA

To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC08/17 Page 57).

10. Application No: SDNP/16/03499/FUL
Proposal: The use of the land for forestry and recreation (including archery), traditional woodland crafting, education and tourism through the provision of 6 camping pitches, 6 overnight shelters, and a community shelter with separate composting toilet and washroom, and improvements to disability accessibility by surfacing an existing path for wheelchair use and creating 2 disabled car parking spaces
Address: Laundry Cottage East Dangstein Dangstein Road Rogate GU31 5BZ

To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC09/17 Page 65).

11. Application No: SDNP/16/05154/FUL
Proposal: Change of use of land to provide one rugby pitch for Ditchling Rugby Club, with associated use of Cricket Club Car Park and Clubhouse
Address: Land at Keymer Road, Ditchling, East Sussex

To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC10/17 Page 81).


12. Review of Validation Requirements for planning applications and related consents

        To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC11/17 Page 99).

13. Revised Policies for the Pre-Submission South Downs Local Plan

        Development Strategy (page 133)
        Homes (strategic) (page 143)
        Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople (page 153)
        Employment (page 157)
        Town Centres and Retail (page 167)
        Infrastructure (page 175)
        Implementation and Monitoring Chapter (page 185)
        To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC12/17 Page 127).

    14. SDNPA response to Submission (Reg 16) consultation on the Lavant Neighbourhood Development Plan (LNDP)

            To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC13/17 Page 201).

        15. SDNPA response to Submission (Reg 16) consultation on the Liss Neighbourhood Development Plan (LNDP)

                To consider a report by the Director of Planning (Report PC14/17 Page 215)

            16. To Note the Date and Venue of the next meeting

            Meeting Papers

            Agenda Item 3
            Agenda Item 7
            Agenda Item 7 Presentation
            Agenda Item 8
            Agenda Item 8 Presentation
            Agenda Item 9
            Agenda Item 9 Presentation
            Agenda Item 10
            Agenda Item 10 Presentation
            Agenda Item 11
            Agenda Item 11 Presentation
            Agenda Item 12
            Agenda Item 13
            Agenda Item 13 Presentation
            Agenda Item 14
            Agenda Item 14 Appendix 2
            Agenda Item 14 Presentation
            Agenda Item 15
            Agenda Item 15 Appendix 1
            Agenda Item 15 Presentation

            Update Sheet
            Confirmed Minutes

            To all Members of the Planning Committee:
            Alun Alesbury (Deputy Chair), Heather Baker, David Coldwell, Neville Harrison (Chair), Barbara Holyome, Doug Jones, Tom Jones, Gary Marsh, Robert Mocatta, Ian Phillips, Amber Thacker
            Ex officio Members (may participate on Policy items but not vote)
            Margaret Paren & Norman Dingemans

            Members Interests
            SDNPA Members have a primary responsibility for ensuring that the Authority furthers the National Park Purposes and Duty. Members regard themselves first and foremost as Members of the Authority, and will act in the best interests of the National Park as a whole, rather than as representatives of their appointing body or any interest groups.
            Members are required to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that is not already entered in the Authority’s register of interests, and any personal interest and/or public service interest (as defined in Paragraph 18 of the Authority’s Code of Conduct) they may consider relevant to an item of business being considered at the meeting (such disclosure to be made at the commencement of the meeting, or when the interest becomes apparent).

            Access to Information
            If you would like a copy of this agenda in large print or an alternative format/language please contact the Committee Officer on or 01730 814810

            Please note that there is no catering provision for members of the public during meal breaks. However there are cafes, pubs and shops in Midhurst town centre, approximately 5 minutes’ walk away.

            If you wish to give us feedback on your experience of the meeting please e-mail