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Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements

Village Design Statements should be used by communities who want to influence the design of future development in their town or village.

Village Design Statements are used to identify and analyse local character so that future development is more in harmony with its setting and contributes to the conservation and improvement of the local environment.

They are eligible for adoption as Supplementary Planning Documents, at which point they become a material consideration and are used to ensure that applications contribute to local distinctiveness, and ensure local materials and design are incorporated into new development.

Current Consultations

Clapham Parish Council submitted the Clapham Parish Design Statement (CPDS) to the South Downs National Park Authority to be adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document.

The SDNPA will now carry out public consultation required to adopt the CPDS  as a Supplementary Planning Document as set out in the Authority’s Statement of Community Involvement.

The consultation will run for a period of 6 weeks from Friday 19 August to 23:59 on Friday 30 September 2022.

A copy of the Parish Design Statement and supporting consultation statement is available to view at the South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, GU29 9DH, St Mary the Virgin Church, Church Lane, Clapham BN13 3UU and The Junction Café,  The Street, Clapham BN13 3UU. Alternatively you can access the Parish Design Statement following the links below.

To make a representation please email Consultations@southdowns.gov.uk by 30 September 2022.

Adopted Village Design Statements

The South Downs National Park Authority has established a system to consider all Community Led Plans produced in the National Park for endorsement or adoption. For more information regarding the adoption or endorsement of your community led plan please contact Chris Paterson at the South Downs National Park Authority.

The following plans have been adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents by the South Downs National Park Authority.


East Dean and Friston







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