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South Downs Local Plan

The South Downs Local Plan covers the entire National Park.

It follows extensive public consultation with local communities and detailed scrutiny and examination by the Government’s Planning Inspectorate, which found the policies to be sound subject to a number of modifications.

The Local Plan has been informed by a range of factors relating to the special qualities of the National Park, including landscape character, biodiversity and cultural heritage of the National Park, Neighbourhood Plans, local housing and economic needs and the impact of climate change.

The South Downs Policies Map illustrates how the policies in the adopted Local Plan will apply. Below are quick links to the Local Plan Policies Map:

Download the South Downs Local Plan

Download and read the entire South Downs Local Plan.

In addition, you can download and read the following statements and reports:

You can read download and read the individual Local Plan chapters below:

Foreword from the Chair

Key Messages

1. Introduction

2. Vision and Objectives

3. Spatial Portrait and Spatial Strategy

4. Core Policies

5. A Thriving, Living Landscape

6. People Connected to Places

7. Towards a Sustainable Future

8. Strategic Sites

9. Sites and Settlements

10. Monitoring and Implementation Framework

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3