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Position Statements

Position Statements

Matters 1-6 (Week 1) Tuesday 13th November to Thursday 15th November

Duty To Co-operate

Legal Compliance

Matter 1 – Vision and Objectives

Matter 2 – Strategy

Matter 3 – Core Policies

Matter 4 – Overall Housing Need and Supply including Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation

Matter 5 – Employment Land

Matter 6 – Presentation


Matters 7 – Landscape, Design and Special Qualities

Matter 8 – Biodiversity

Matter 9 – Affordable Homes

Matter 10 – Issues Relating to Specific Settlements &

Matter 11 – Issues Relating to Individual Sites

Additional evidence submitted by examination participants

Some participants in the examination have submitted appendices and further evidence that does not form part of the body of their position statements. As this does not comply with the Inspector’s guidelines as set out in INSP.3, they are published separately and are not considered to play a formal part in the examination. Nevertheless in the interests of transparency, they are published below for information.

Additional information provided by Wealden District Council


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