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South Downs Local Plan

The Local Plan sets the policies against which planning applications will be considered and allocates land for a variety of uses.  In April 2017 submitted the first Local Plan for the whole of the South Downs National Park to the Government for examination. Having adopted, the new South Downs Local Plan will replace the existing planning policies operating across the South Downs National Park.

Submission of the South Downs Local Plan

  • The Local Plan Policies Map consists of three overview policies maps and a number of settlement specific inset maps.

Local Plan Examination

All updated evidence and supporting documents  are on pages:


  • Representations Page   All representations and comments made in response to the publication of the Pre-submission Local Plan

Background Papers

The following summarise the information in the technical documents.

Local Plan timetable

The timetable (to be updated shortly) (SDNPA Local Development Scheme March 2018) for the Local Plan is as follows:

Stage Regulation Dates
Options Consultation 18 February – April 2014
Preferred Options Consultation 18 September – October 2015
Pre-Submission Consultation 19 September – November 2017
Submission to Secretary of State 22 Spring 2018
Examination 24 Summer 2018
Adoption 26 Autumn 2018


Brownfield Register and Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

The SDNPA is required to prepare a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) to support the  preparation of the Local Plan.

The Authority also maintains a brownfield land register for the whole of the National Park.  Both this register and the Authority Monitoring Report were last published in December 2017.