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Heathlands Reunited

Eleven organisations led by the South Downs National Park Authority have joined forces to expand and connect the existing 1% of heathland left in the national park.

The heaths have separated into ‘islands’ where isolated plants and animals are far more vulnerable to local extinction. This habitat is home to some of Britain’s rarest wildlife including all twelve of our native reptiles and amphibians.

The project, funded by partner contributions and a Heritage Lottery Fund grant totalling £2.37 million will aid heathland management including scrapes and wildlife corridors which aim to create an area of heathland greater than 1,200 football pitches by the end of the five year project.

People need heaths

66% of heathland in the National Park is designated as open access land. Heaths are enjoyed by many for appreciating nature, walking, cycling and horse riding. They are extremely important sites for community health and wellbeing as well as being important military training sites. 

The project aims to inspire communities to visit their heathlands, learn more about them and work together to look after them so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

The project will run across 5 years, working with 11 partners on 41 heathland sites.

Heathlands Reunited Project Area Map

Heaths are shared spaces that need people. We need your help!

Volunteering in the South Downs National Park is a great way to get outside, make new like-minded friends and discover new places. To complete this project we are going to need some help.  There are many opportunities for volunteering which will include training that we can offer as part of this exciting new project.

There are four main roles to get involved with. Read the role descriptions below and see if any of them appeal to you and your interests:

Dog Ambassador
Fixed Point Photography
Practical Management
Wildlife Monitor

We would also like to hear from anybody interested in community heritage.  To express an interest in this area please email

If you have read the role descriptions and would like to officially join our volunteers, please complete our sign up form  and return it electronically to or print and send by post to:

Heathlands Reunited
South Downs Centre
North Street, Midhurst
West Sussex
GU29 9DH

Please allow time for a response and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Information for existing volunteers

Please see the attached Practical management timetable and contacts. Please also make sure you have returned the Heathlands Reunited sign up form before contacting partners.