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Heathlands Sculpture Trail

Inspired by stories from communities and drawing upon sources as diverse as the poet Tennyson and a 394-year-old local map, seven bespoke stone carvings have been made as part of the Heathlands Reunited National Lottery Heritage funded project.

Linking seven heathland sites in the National Park, these intricately carved characters of the heath tell the unique story of the history, wildlife and people of each site.

Struggling to find the sculptures? Try using our interactive map to help you locate site car parks or download directions here. Don’t forget the grid reference numbers are on the trail leaflet too.

Learn more about the stories behind the sculptures:

The sculptor, Graeme Mitcheson, spent 6 months working with trained volunteers who carried out oral history recordings and archival research within the local communities in these areas.

Graeme also visited school groups and worked with site rangers and landowners to develop these sculptures to tell the unique stories of each heathland site.