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Resting Reptiles at Woolbeding Common

Resting Reptiles at Woolbeding Common

There are three types of snake that rely on our heathland habitat in the UK:

  • Grass snake
  • Smooth snake
  • Adder

Woolbeding is a unique site as it was never made into a plantation and still has links to its ancient birch and oak woodland.

The Smooth snakes is Britain’s rarest and most secretive reptile and on the sculptures located here, you will see that one snake is curled up on a bed of oak leaves, and the other a bed of birch leave. The sculptures are located in a wooded area away from the main heathland but on the Serpent Trail. The low lying sculptures are intricately carved in a sandstone which will weather over time to a mossy green.

If you are interested in finding out more about reptiles of the heath, you can pick up our leaflet, from the South Downs Centre or please do contact heathlands@southdowns.gov.uk and we can send you a copy.

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