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Fixed Point Photographers

Fixed Point Photographers

To achieve the aims of the Heathlands Reunited project a great deal of practical conservation work such as scrub clearance is undertaken by staff, partners, volunteers, and contractors.

It is important that this work is monitored. Fixed Point Photography (FPP) is an effective and easy method of recording visual changes within the landscape. It involves taking a photograph, from the same point, at regular intervals over a period of time. The photographs provide the basis for visual comparisons. They can help  to identify changes that have occurred as a result of the practical management works, or they will show whether efforts to maintain the heathland character of a landscape through management were successful.

FFP has become an essential tool for use in future site management plans.

Volunteering for FPP was an exciting opportunity for members of the local community to become more involved with the project across a number of heathland sites all of which are owned by different land managers.  After some initial research it was however evident that there were not any other best practise examples of a volunteer led initiative on this scale.

Our 10 volunteers have been working since 2016 to collate this data and set out a workable volunteer led methodology. Read our initial case study written in 2018. We hope to publish a full report to showcase their work and the lessons learnt during the projects last year in 2021.


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