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The People and Nature Network (PANN)

The People and Nature Network (PANN)

  • What is the People and Nature Network?

    All day, every day nature is working invisibly to keep the environment healthy for wildlife and people. All of the following is provided for free:

    • clean water
    • clean air
    • temperature regulation
    • healthy soils
    • pollination
    • photosynthesis
    • micro-organisms and nutrients
    • food and energy
    • wonder

    Sadly there are lots of things such as climate change, pollution, loss of places for wildlife and nature, new development and also pests and diseases that are badly affecting how nature works. If we can’t help nature work effectively then we all face an uncertain future.

    We want to ensure that nature’s essential life supporting processes can occur without obstruction, so that there are natural places to live, work and play available for everyone to enjoy.

    We know that natural places are important for our health and well being as well as being good for nature. These natural places pay for themselves many times over by:

    • improving the nation’s health and reducing the costs of care and treatment to the NHS
    • helping employers to recruit and retain staff
    • providing an uplift in house values to those fortunate enough to own houses near open spaces
    • being beautiful places for tourism, visitors and events which bring in rural income and employment
    • increasing the length of time (and money) that people spend in towns
    • slowing the flow of water in flooding events and reducing the impact of floods on people
    • reducing the effect of heat gain in the urban environment

    The People and Nature Network (PANN) brings together a range of partner organisations, stakeholders, communities and businesses to use good design sense and robust evidence to achieve the greatest possible benefits for both people and nature.

  • How do I find out more?

    The SDNPA has been updating the original Green Infrastructure Framework Document which was first drafted in 2016 to bring it in line with more recent government policy such as the 25 Year Environment Plan and also to widen it’s audiences.

    This summary guide is now called the People and Nature Network, Green Infrastructure in the South Downs and wider South East. The evidence gathered will help us and partners to ensure that nature is able to function effectively and that all action is coordinated and contributes to a strategic approach.

    For more in depth detail about the evidence and the action arising from the report please download the People and Nature Network –  Evidence and Action Report.  For ease of reading this has also been split into several  sections.

    There are three parts to the study which can be downloaded using the following links:

    1. A micro-guide to the People and Nature Network
    2. People and Nature Network – a Summary Guide
    3. People and Nature Network – Evidence and Action Report

Infographic depicting statistics about the People and Nature Network in the South Downs and wider south east


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