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Review of access restriction at Cheriton Wood

Review of access restriction at Cheriton Wood

Cheriton Wood, near Alresford in Hampshire, is a privately owned woodland that has rights of access for the public on foot. The public access to Cheriton Wood is restricted at certain times of the year to allow for the management of the woodland, the rearing and shooting of game birds, and to preserve public safety.

The details of the restriction are reviewed at least once every 5 years, to examine whether the restriction is still necessary and whether any aspects of the restriction should be changed.

Following the recent review the SDNPA is proposing to continue the restriction for a further six years, but to reduce the length and geographic extent of the restriction. A public consultation on this proposal is open. Please see the consultation summary for more information. The consultation map shows the open access land affected. Comments can be submitted using the contact details in the consultation summary document.

The consultation closes at 5:00 p.m. on Friday 19 November 2021.

Comments can be submitted by email to access@southdowns.gov.uk


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