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Local Validation List

The following list should be used for all applications.

The South Downs National Park Authority ‘Advice to Homeholders and their Agents’ (August 2012) contains a ‘baseline assessment checklist’ that should only be used for  householder applications. The baseline assessment checklist should be completed accurately as the veracity and accuracy of submitted checklists will be checked and if further information is required it may delay determination of your application.

To assist with consultations and avoid delays 3 hard copies of all application documents and plans are required.

Local policy drivers are based upon the adopted development plans in the SDNP.  These policy drivers may change as emerging joint plans reach adoption.

For the purposes of the Local Validation List the definition and criteria for major development is as set out in The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015

Information Requirement from 9 February 2017 Guidance
Additional Plans The national requirements note the need for a location plan and “others as necessary” with the reliance on the local requirements to detail what those are. For the avoidance of doubt the local requirements should confirm what we need:

  • Block plan including site access details, scale bar, key dimensions (distance of the development from the boundaries of the site and size of the building), original paper size and a north point.
  • Existing and proposed elevations and floor plans in full
  • Existing and proposed site sections and finished floor and site levels and datum point (1:50 or 1:100) (In all cases where proposals involve a change in ground levels or is on a sloping site).
  • Roof plans (Required for all applications involving extensions to roof forms and new buildings).
Aerodrome Safeguarding All applications for wind turbines

Annex 1, para 5, page 4 & annex 2, para 15, page 11 of the ODPM/DfT

Circular 01/2003 ‘Safeguarding of Aerodromes, Technical Sites & Military Explosives

Storage Areas : The Town & Country Planning (Safeguarded Aerodromes, Technical Sites & Military Explosives Storage Areas) Direction 2002’

Airport Operators Association (AOA) Advice Note 7 ‘Wind Turbines & Aviation’

Advice can also be sought from

Air Quality Assessment All applications for major development where traffic generation, bioaerosols, or odour is increased and/or the development is likely to affect or cause the declaration of an Air Quality Management Area.

NPPF paragraph 124

PPS10: Annex E (g)

Defra Air Quality Management Area Maps

Air Quality and Emissions Mitigation Guidance for Sussex

Affordable Housing Statement All applications for housing development which require on-site affordable housing provision including exception sites Include details of how it is to be provided; no. of bedrooms; tenure; RSL; Contact details of applicant’s solicitors; land registry titles.
Biodiversity Survey and Report All applications for development within or adjacent to, or would have an impact on priority species as detailed on Section 41 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006, or within, adjacent to, or would have an impact upon one or a combination of the following sites: Local Wildlife sites (SINCS & SNCIs), Local Nature Reserves, National Nature Reserves, SSSIs and/or where there is a reasonable likelihood of protected species and/or their habitats/notable habitats.

Useful links for biodiversity

Sussex Biological Records Centre

Hampshire Biodiversity Centre

Biodiversity – Code of Practice for Planning and Development BS42020

Community Infrastructure Levy

  • Additional information form
  • Form 1 -Assumption of Liability
  • Form 2 – Claiming Exemption or relief
All householder, minor and major applications (including S73 applications), prior approvals for change of use to residential and existing lawful use development applications. Community Infrastructure Levy
Flood Risk Assessment All applications where site area> 1 Ha in Flood Zone 1; all proposals where application site is in Flood Zones 2 and 3; all applications where site is in a designated critical drainage area.


NPPF Technical guidance

Environment Agency Flood Risk Assessment guidance

BS 8533-2011 Assessing and managing flood risk in development code of practice.

Surface Water Drainage Strategy All major applications



Sustainable drainage systems: non-statutory technical standards

Guide to Sustainable Drainage Systems in East Sussex

BS8582: Code of practice for surface water management for development sites

Environment Agency Report SC030219: Rainfall runoff management for developments

The SuDS Manual: Ciria C753

Foul sewerage and utilities
All applications for major development

Building Regulations Part H

BS EN752:2008 Drain and sewer systems outside buildings

Sewers for Adoption, currently Version 7

Heritage statement All applications for development affecting a designated heritage asset or any undesignated heritage asset recognised as such by the SDNPA, or its setting. Heritage assets include listed buildings, scheduled monuments and other archaeological sites, Conservation Areas, Historic Parks and Gardens and other historic landscapes, and historic battlefields.

SDNPA integrated guidance: Advice to Homeholders and their agents’

NPPF: 12. Conserving and enhancing the historic environment

Government guidance on Heritage Statements

SDNPA Guidance on Heritage Statements

Land contamination
All applications for major and minor development and for prior approval and changes of use if contamination is known/suspected to exist; when site is within 250m of a current licensed or historic landfill site.

NPPF Paragraph 121

National Planning Policy Framework


Government Guidance on land affected by contamination

Landscape Appraisal/Study (Landscape and Visual Impact assessment only required as part of an EIA) All applications for development (including change of use) with the exception of householder applications.

National Planning Policy Framework


Lighting assessment

All applications for development outside settlement boundaries other than householder

All applications in the vicinity of a listed building or within a conservation area

All applications at a location where bats and their roosts or other protected species are present

Guidance for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light

Dark Night Skies information

Bat Conservation Trust – Artificial lighting guidance

This requirement refers to details of artificial external lighting.

Noise assessment All applications for development other than householder likely to generate noise that may raise issues of disturbance by noise and/or reduce tranquillity, including where residential or other noise sensitive uses are proposed adjacent to existing noise sources.

NPPF Paragraph 109 National

Planning Policy Framework

Government Guidance – Noise

Planning Noise Advice Document: Sussex


Open space Assessment All applications for development where public open space is to be lost


Open space, sports and recreation facilities, public rights of way and local green space

Soils Management Plan All applications for development where the movement of top and/or subsoils is proposed

NPPF Paragraph 109


Playing Field/Sports provision Assessment All development which would result in a loss of playing fields or impact on existing sports facilities


Sport England Website & checklist

Telecommunications Statement All telecommuni-cations equipment applications GPDO 2 Part 24 Annex F Code of Practice on Mobile Network Development (2013)
Transport assessment All applications for major development and minerals and waste developments


Travel plans, transport assessments and statements in decision-taking

Travel Plan All applications for major development and minerals and waste developments


Travel plans, transport assessments and statements in decision-taking

Tree Survey/
arboricultural assessment
All applications for development affecting trees unless accurate completion of the SDNPA checklist demonstrates no adverse impact on trees

Advice to Homeholders and their agents’

Bat Conservation Trust – Bats and Trees Guidance

Wild birds: protection and licences

/Extraction equipment report
All applications for A3, A4, A5 and B2 uses Content of the report will depend on the type of equipment proposed