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How are applications decided?

How are applications decided?

Once a planning application has been validated, you will be assigned a planning case officer from the local authority that deals with applications in that area.

This may be a National Park Authority case officer or a planner acting on our behalf under agency agreement at Chichester, East Hampshire, Horsham, Lewes or Winchester.

To find which authority this will be, please see Who deals with my planning enquiry/application?

Officers can make delegated decisions in relation to any matter arising under the Planning Acts and on the determination of applications for certificates of proposed or existing lawful use and development.

For the majority of planning applications in the National Park, the case officer will make a recommendation to the Head of Planning who will determine the application under delegated authority.

Most applications are dealt with by case officers, without referral to the Planning Committee.

However if the application is for a development which is considered by the Director of Planning to have potential significant impact, or which could set an important precedent, it will be referred to the Local Authority’s Planning Committee  for consideration.

Where an application could have a significant impact on the National Park’s purposes and duty, it will be called in for consideration by the SDNPA’s Planning Committee.

In addition, major applications will be referred to the SDNPA Planning Committee for consideration if they:

  • Are contrary to the approved development plan or other planning policies but are recommended for approval.
  • Are requested for referral to the committee by any Member of the Authority.
  • Are, in the opinion of SDNPA’s Director of Planning, to have generated significant and material third party representations which are contrary to the case officer’s recommendation.
  • Additional thresholds may apply at local level

All applications which have been submitted by Authority Members or employees (or are submitted by, or on behalf of, the Authority for its own developments, except for minor applications) will be referred to the Planning Committee for consideration.


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