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How long does a decision take?

Once a planning application has been validated, a decision on the proposal should be made within the statutory time limit, unless a longer period is agreed in writing with the applicant. After submitting your valid application you will receive an acknowledgement letter with the statutory timescales that apply for your case and the date by which it should be determined.

The statutory time limits (from the date of validation) are:

  • General planning applications (e.g. most householder applications) –  8 weeks
  • Applications for major development (see below) – 13 weeks
  • Applications subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment – 16 weeks

The statutory definition of major development is as follows:

  • Major dwelling – 10 or more or 0.5ha or 1000m2 +
  • Major offices/light industry 1000m2 + or 1+ha
  • Major general industry 1000m2 + or 1+ha
  • Major retail and servicing 1000m2 + or 1+ha
  • Major gypsy and traveller 10 + units or 1+ha
  • Major other 1 + ha

Prior Notifications and Prior Approvals

Applications under these categories are normally processed within 28 days of receipt, but may be the subject of a request for a full application, in which case the timescales for statutory applications will apply.

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