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CIL Examination

CIL Examination

How was the charging schedule prepared?

In setting the rate the SDNPA has had to demonstrate that it will not threaten the ability to develop the sites and scale of development identified in the South Downs Local Plan.  In summary, the charging schedule was prepared and adopted as follows:

  • The SDNPA prepared its evidence base in 2014 / 15 in order to determine its draft levy rates, this included an assessment of the impact of any changes on the viability of development.
  • The preliminary draft charging schedule was published for consultation in September 2015 and in 2016 a draft charging schedule was prepared and published for consultation.
  • An independent examination of the charging schedule was undertaken and the Examiner published his recommendations in June 2016
  • On 31 January 2017 the SDNPA formally agreed that the CIL Charging Schedule shall take effect from 1 April 2017 across the entire National Park. This is confirmed through the publication of the Adoption Notice. 

Examination Documents

Ref Document Title
ED-1 CIL Examination – Inspector Briefing Notes
ED-2 CIL Examination – Hearing Programme

Submission Documents

Ref Document Title
CIL/01 CIL Charging Schedule (Submission Version February 2016): this is the latest version of the document which sets out a clear, open and transparent structure explaining how much and when developers will be charged.  The charges are based on evidence of financial viability (see below).
CIL/02 Statement of Modifications (Tracked Version February 2016): this shows how the document has been changed from the previous version in the form of ‘track changes’ and a table giving the reasons for the changes.
CIL/03 Statement of Representations made on the Draft Charging Schedule sets out the comments made in September and October 2015 and the Authority’s response to them.
CIL/04 CIL Draft Regulation 123 List (December 2015): describes what types of infrastructure will be funded through CIL and what will continue to be paid for through Section 106 obligations.
CIL/05 CIL Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) (Submission Version 2016): an outline of how and where the money from the CIL will be spent. This is a ‘living document’ and will be changed as suitable projects come forward. It is accompanied by.
CIL/06 Viability Assessment: CIL and Affordable Housing (Final Report by DSP January 2014): the original evidence on which consultation took place in March 2014. It includes:

CIL/07  CIL/07 South Downs National Park – Community Infrastructure Levy: Viability Review Update (Final Report by DSP December 2015). An update of the viability evidence to take account of changes in costs, house prices and government policy. It also responds to some points made by objectors. It includes:

CIL/08  CIL/08 South Downs Local Plan: Preferred Options (September 2015): the latest version of the Plan for the whole of the National Park which the IDP will help to deliver.
CIL/09  CIL/09 Representations made to the CIL Draft Charging Schedule (Regulation 17): the full text of the comments made in September and October 2016
CIL/10  CIL/10 Notice of Submission: the formal statement that the CIL has been submitted giving details of where to inspect documents, who can ask to be heard by the examiner and when a request to do so must be made.
CIL/11 CIL-11-SDNPA-Hearing Statement – Residential: the formal statement from the SDNPA to the CIL Examiner
CIL/12 CIL-12-SDNPA-Hearing Statement – Retail:  the formal statement from the SDNPA to the CIL Examiner


Further details of the examination process and evidence can be obtained by emailing cil@southdowns.gov.uk 


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