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Do I Need Planning Permission?

For advice on whether you need planning permission please fill in a Do I Need Planning Permission (DINPP) Form and send it to the local authority who deals with planning in your area of the South Downs National Park. To find which authority to contact, check our Who Deals With My Planning Enquiry or Application page. There is no charge for this advice and you should receive a written reply within 15 working days. Please note statutory case work will take precedent over enquiries. Your enquiry will be responded to within 15 working days where time permits.

We ask that you submit a DINPP Form to ensure that our planning teams have all the information they need to be able to give you correct advice, as well as giving you written evidence of any advice you have been given, prior to commencing any work or submitting a planning application. Planning is a complex area and, whilst your planning-related question may appear to be straightforward, planners have a requirement to assess a wide range of technical information about your proposed plans before a decision can be reached.

The law states that planning permission is needed only if the work being carried out meets the statutory definition of ‘development’. Some building works and changes of use can be carried out under ‘Permitted Development Rights’, without having to make an application for planning permission.

The Planning Portal website provides useful interactive guides, below, that explain what work can be carried out under ‘Permitted Development Rights’. However, even in these cases we encourage people to fill in a DINPP Form to obtain advice, as conditions and limitations may still apply.

Interactive House

Explore the interactive semi-detached house for guidance on many common householder projects in England – including roofs, walls, doors and windows.

Visit the interactive house

Interactive Terrace

Explore the interactive terrace for guidance relating to flats, shops and basements as well as many common householder projects in England.

Visit the interactive terrace

Common Works to Properties

The Government Planning Portal has a comprehensive list of common work including satellite dishes, solar panels, external lighting and many more.

If you are in any doubt about the requirement for planning permission, please contact the relevant local authority for your area of the South Downs National Park. To find which authority to contact, check our Who Deals With My Planning Enquiry or Application? page.