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Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Listed Buildings and properties within conservation areas are given additional protection in order to protect special architecture or historic interest and townscape. Works that wouldn’t normally require formal consent could require listed building consent or planning permission because of this protection.

You must get advice before carrying out any work on a listed building or in a conservation area. This should be submitted in writing with as much information about the proposed works as possible, including plans and / or photographs.

Download the Do I Need Planning Permission form.

Forms can be completed electronically, saved and emailed directly to the relevant authority or printed out, completed by hand and returned by post.

Please note that all the required information and the fee, if applicable, must be submitted before we can deal with your enquiry.

  • What type of work might need additional consent/

    Certain minor alterations and small extensions to dwellings in conservation areas can be undertaken without planning permission but you will need to check before hand as planning rules are stricter than elsewhere.

    You will need listed building consent for any works which alter the special architectural or historic interest of the building. In this instance ‘building’ can include any structure within the curtilage (boundary) of the site. Listed building consent must be obtained prior to works being carried out and any schedule of works should allow time for the application to be processed.

    For example you will need additional consent to:

    • Alter the external appearance of the property
    • Alter the physical characteristics of the building, either internally (for listed buildings)or externally
    • Demolish any part of the building, including interior partitions in listed buildings
    • Extend the building
      Replace or alteration of windows, doors or roof lights
    • Paint previously unpainted surfaces
    • Add any type of cladding
    • Attach objects to the building, such as satellite TV dish, meter boxes, burglar alarm boxes, external lights
    • Replace or alteration of gates or boundary walls
    • Replace or roof covering, alterations to other buildings on the property

    This list is not exhaustive so please seek advice before carrying out any work.


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