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Levels of Welcome

Levels of Welcome

The South Downs National Park Authority is keen to support opportunities that benefit the local economy. Businesses based in and around Lewe, Petersfield and West Sussex are invited to join the Go South Downs Cyclists & Walkers Welcome scheme.

You can sign up to 3 levels of welcome and upgrade when your level of service and facilities improve.

  • Cyclists & Walkers Welcome

    We offer a basic service, including:

    • We offer a courteous welcome.
    • Friendly environment, warm welcome.
    • Happy to accommodate cyclists and walkers kit, rucksacks, clothing and helmets during their visit
  • Cyclists & Walkers Welcome Support

    We offer additional services including:

    • Basic first aid essentials such as plasters, treatments for minor grazes, blisters, stings, bruises and cuts available for visitors.
    • Willing to refill water bottles/flasks free of charge with hot/cold water
    • Have information available including:
      • Local Ordnance Survey maps.
      • Local maps and leaflets, walks and cycle routes.
      • Contact details of local bike supplies, repairs and hire.
      • Emergency contacts information.
      • Details for local public transport and taxi facilities.


    You or your staff are not required to administer or have responsibility for first aid. Neither are you required to have detailed knowledge or offer advice on suitable routes, trails or timetables.

    How about?

    Place all the information in a simple file or folder.

  • Cyclists & Walkers Welcome Enhanced

    We focus on the specific needs of cyclists and walkers and provide:

    • Puncture repair kit and bike tool kit.
    • Suitable cycle parking to chain 2 or more bikes to a permanent structure. This can be bike stands or street furniture.
    • Implements and materials to clean muddy boots.


    You and your staff are not required to advise on or help fix bikes, or clean muddy boots and apparel.

    Bike parking stands are more appealing to cyclists as they are specifically designed for purpose. If stands are not available, permanent securing furniture must be sturdy and ideally within the premises or adjacent and visible from the premises.

    How about?

    Offering access to a water tap and cleaning materials?


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