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Winchester Downs Farm Cluster

Winchester Downs Farm Cluster

We are working together for landscape, habitat and biodiversity benefits on a scale that couldn’t be achieved by working alone.

What is becoming apparent is that lots of great work is already being done by farmers but in many cases the message is not getting across to the wider public.

Part of promoting the farmed environment in the Winchester Downs Cluster involves promoting iconic species that benefit from a healthy farmed environment. As part of this, our members chose the following three species as a priority for our work:

  • Lapwing
  • Grey partridge
  • Barn owl

In addition to species conservation, we are also managing a number of habitats to benefit wildlife and biodiversity in our area.  These include:

  • Arable
  • Grassland
  • Woodland
  • Rivers


"The Downs...too much for one pair of eyes, enough to float a whole population in happiness."