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Operational Management Plan

Operational Management Plan

The Winchester Downs Farm Cluster Group have developed an Operational Management Plan so that farmers, landowners and the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) can support farmer-led projects and plans to deliver environmental benefits in an economically profitable farmed landscape.

Winchester Downs Cluster Operational Management Plan

The plan provides support for:

  • Key species and habitats in arable, grassland, and woodland landscapes, communities and related special projects.
  • Farmers and landowners, including those who shoot, to develop their own management and environmental plans with the assistance of SDNPA.
  • Seminars and training for Farmers and Landowners.
  • Entry into the separate Countryside Stewardship Scheme.
  • Cooperation and advanced preparation for Farming Environmental support schemes post Brexit 2020.
  • Gaining increased community support for farming in the area and encouragement of community involvement in projects.


The end result of this plan should be a large area of well managed habitat which will form a network supporting wildlife throughout the cluster group landscape. Farmers and land owners will be supported and seen to be involved in creating environmental benefits across the spectrum.


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