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“People down in the villages were told to open their windows every Friday afternoon at four o’clock in case the percussion […] broke their windows.” Earlier this year we met up with inspirational local nature writer Richard Williamson to ask about his memories from a fifty-year career setting up the nature reserve and recording butterflies […]

Written by Matt Dowse, SDNPA Ranger | Photo © Hugh Lansdown Some species don’t need much conservation advocacy work. The number of members that organisations such as the RSPB and even the Bumblebee Conservation Trust can boast, as well as the number of participants in citizen science projects such as the Big Butterfly Count attest […]

The Friends of the South Downs invite non members to join us on this 2.5m easy Stroll through Kingley Vale, including a grove of ancient trees steeped in folklore and mystery. Local cafe or pubs in Funtington and East Ashling at end if required.

Richard Williamson, retired nature reserve warden at Kingley Vale, West Sussex, on a tour of the nature reserve pointing out sites of WWII military activity and watching birds and insects.

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