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West Sussex Waste Local Plan

The South Downs National Park Authority and West Sussex County Council formally adopted the joint Waste Local Plan on 11th April 2014.

The Waste Local Plan covers the period to 2031 and is the most up-to-date statement of the authorities’ land-use planning policy for waste.

The aspiration to become a zero-waste-to-landfill county is a key element of the Plan. No new landfill sites have been allocated. The vision for the Plan is to ensure that communities, the environment, the economy and the special character of West Sussex are protected.

The Waste Local Plan sets out four key areas which will help shape our plans for managing waste in West Sussex in the future:

  • A vision and strategic objectives for sustainable waste management in West Sussex.
  • Nine ‘use-specific’ policies which will achieve the strategic objectives for the management of different waste types (Policies W1-9).
  • Thirteen ‘development management’ policies which will ensure that there would be no unacceptable harm to the environment, economy, or communities of West Sussex (Policies W11-W23).
  • Six site allocations which can help us to meet the need for new facilities (Policy W10).

The adopted Waste Local Plan together with all the associated background documents and Inspector’s report can be viewed on the West Sussex County Council website.