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Microvolunteering is the best way for people who are looking to help in short, convenient, bite-sized chunks.

There are so many easy, on-the-go activities you can do to help care for your National Park, either from your phone or when you’re out and about.

Take a look at some of the microvolunteering activities you can do.

iNaturalist LookWild project

The South Downs National Park is a partner of the National Parks UK LookWild project.

To take part, simply register an iNaturalist account, join the group and start submitting your National Parks species records via the app (Google Play) (App Store) or the website.

If you’re just starting out, we recommending download the Seek app (Google Play) (App Store) which uses your camera to identify species.

We are also lucky to have the City Nature Challenge which takes part every spring, involving Brighton & the Eastern South Downs.

Environmental Monitoring

For general species monitoring we recommend downloading the iRecord app for your phone.

You can submit species records whenever you like.

The records will later be confirmed by the local species expert for your area.

You can also submit your sightings via the iRecord website if you don’t have a smartphone.

  • The Big Butterfly Count

    Each year take 15 minutes whilst on a walk or in your garden to count the different species or how many of one species of butterfly that you can see.

  • Dragon Finder App

    Once a year help to identify reptiles and amphibians as well as their eggs, larvae and calls.

    With this great app that gives a practical way to help conservation, surveying, data collection and interactive education; allowing you to submit your findings and help conserve reptiles and amphibians in the UK.

  • Mammal Tracker

    Throughout the year, from wherever you like, you can record mammal species in Britain to help document the baseline numbers of species and where they are located.

    The app allows you to take a quick photo when out and will automatically grid reference the data, the app will also teach you about mammal identification.

  • BirdTrack

    BirdTrack provides you the facilities to observe, store and manage your own personal records of the migration and distributions of birds throughout Britain and Ireland as well as them being able to be used at an international scale.

    You can take part in BirdTrack as and when you want. 

  • The beautiful burial ground project

    Research and survey the biodiversity and heritage of your local burial ground, allowing to highlight sites worthy of recognition as local wildlife sites.

    Green Action

    • 2 Minute Clean

      Beach clean, litter pick or path clean, take part when out and about on a dog walk or on the way to work and help reduce the amount of litter dropped.

      After your 2 minute clean try and replace any items you may have collected at home with recyclable alternatives.



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