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West Sussex Minerals Local Plan

All Mineral Planning Authorities are required, by law, to develop plans for mineral provision. In May 2011, West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) agreed to work together in partnership to prepare a new Joint Minerals Local Plan (MLP) for the whole of West Sussex – both in and outside the new National Park.

The new Minerals Local Plan will replace the existing Minerals Local Plan (2003) and cover the period to 2033. It will set out a strategy for mineral development across West Sussex, to safeguard resources, allocate sites considered suitable for the production of minerals, and include a range of land use-specific and generic policies to sustainably manage future mineral development. Deciding which sites should be allocated will give both communities and the minerals industry certainty about where mineral development can, and can’t, take place.

Officers have considered responses received during the Regulation 18 consultation undertaken between April and June 2016 and the Regulation 19 consultation between January and March 2017. Additional technical studies have also been undertaken in the last nine months.

The consultation responses received and the technical studies have informed the West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan Proposed Submission Draft Plan which was submitted by the Authorities to the Secretary of State on 26 May 2017.

It is currently envisaged that the Examination in Public (EiP) will be held in Chichester in the autumn of 2017. The website will be updated in due course as details are finalised.

Further information on this Plan and its supporting documents is available from the West Sussex County Council website.

Once the West Sussex Joint Minerals Local Plan is adopted, the Plan will provide a basis for consistent land-use planning decisions on planning applications for minerals activities.

What is the timetable for the Joint Minerals Local Plan?

Producing a Plan is a long process because it has to be evidence-based and robust.

Stage Date
Early engagement work inc: Background Papers, Site Assessment June – December 2014
Draft Plan Consultation April – June 2016
Proposed Submission Consultation November 2016 – January 2017
Submission to Secretary of State May 2017
Examination in Public Late Summer/Autumn 2017 (Dates to be confirmed after Submission to Secretary of State).
Modifications Representations period (where necessary) Autumn 2017
Inspector’s Report Late 2017/ Early 2018
Adoption Spring/ Summer 2018


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