Communicating the South Downs


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CIL Forms

Additional information must now be submitted with planning applications, which helps us to calculate liability and any relief from liability correctly.

CIL Planning Application Additional Information Requirement form
CIL Form 1: Assumption of Liability
CIL Form 2: Claiming Exemption or Relief
CIL Form 3: Withdrawal of Assumption of Liability
CIL Form 4: Transfer of Assumed Liability
CIL Form 5: Notice of Chargeable Development
CIL Form 6: Commencement Notice
CIL Form 7: Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 1
CIL Form 7: Self Build Exemption Claim Form Part 2
CIL Form 8: Self Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Form
CIL Form 9: Self Build Residential Extension Exemption Claim Form


Please email us at for all CIL related enquiries including planning applications that might attract a CIL payment, the Infrastructure Delivery Plan and infrastructure projects.