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Planning Enforcement Register

Under Section 188 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, we are obliged to keep a register containing information relating to:

However all entries relating to an enforcement notice, stop notice or breach of condition notice will be removed from the register if:

  • an enforcement notice or stop notice is quashed by the Secretary of State;
  • a breach of condition notice is quashed by a court;
  • the notice is withdrawn.

There is a PDF document attached to each notice that has been served within the 5 recovered areas and there is a register containing the notices held at the South Downs National Park Authority in Midhurst.

As of the 1st April 2015, all notices issued by our partner Authorities will be available on our website. However, please be aware if you wish to view a paper copy of the notice you must go to the appropriate authority, they are not held at the SDNPA.

If you require any further information/clarification on a particular case regarding dates of progression or when an appeal was withdrawn, any postponements or decision dates by an planning Inspector, please contact the SDNPA.

We are responsible for planning within the National Park and have agreed unique partnerships with the Local Authorities operating within the National Park boundaries. For five of these we deal directly with enforcement. The other nine authorities deal with enforcement issues on our behalf.

Find out which authority will deal with your enforcement complaint.